CCEnterprises was started in 1998. Initially, the main goal was to upgrade, build and repair personal computers. The founder's vision included expanding the company to encompass meeting the needs of customers in local, regional, national, and then at some point international markets... Over time the horizon of CC Enterprises broadened even more to include some of the following areas of interest:
  • Website Hosting
  • Book Publishing
  • Music Production
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Small Business Networking

Although trends are ever-changing, many of the basic needs and interests of the global community remain the same. CC Enterprises through being a part
of the community, stays in touch with the people of the community and is knowledgeable of trends, basic needs and interests which are important.

This sense of common unity and global understanding is the essence of what makes CC Enterprises
a valuable part of the global community.

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Networking with a purpose...Community, Business and You...

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